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If you want that your home become green without paying thousands of dollars on solar technology, then consider energy efficient painting in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

We recommend you to paint your house and roof with a light color.  The lighter color will reflect radiant heat from your home thus saving on cooling costs.  There are a vast number of coating, seals and paints available for a roof. These are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings, designed to insulate and waterproof your walls. They are non-toxic and friendly to the environment.

Your savings will depend on many factors including, how many areas you apply the insulating coatings to, number of coats, colors used (darker colors absorb more heat), type of construction, amount of ventilation you have etc. For example, you must know what material your roof is in order to find the specific types of sealers or paints.  Some seals and coatings will actually increase the longevity of the roof as well.

In areas where Summer Heat days dominate the greatest savings are achieved by blocking the heat before it even enters your home or attic.

In the case of the interior walls, it´s recommendable that you should be painted with insulating paint. You can use your own paint and simply stir in the insulating additive or buy one of our pre mixed paints. Using insulating paint on your ceilings and walls will reduce the amount of heat that transfers down through the ceiling from the attic, and inward through the walls that face the exterior.

There is a lot of energy saving paint and coats, as roof coats, exterior wall coats, interior wall coats, tank shield, metal primer, stucco shield, wood & deck coat, acrylic flex tac, clear coat and rust converter. With the ever increasing energy costs, as well as adverse weather conditions, sizeable savings can be made by simple minimizing the heat loss with the easy application of Energy efficient Painting. Not only you will save you money on your energy bills, but it will also protect building substrates from water ingress. 80% of all damages to masonry is caused from water ingress.

These are the benefits that energy efficient painting will give you:

  • Excellent resistance to dirt, pollution etc – stain resistant
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Sound reducing properties
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Improved fire resistance
  • Prevents moss, algae forming upon surface
  • Applied to any mineral based substrate and pre-existing coated surface
  • Improve thermal properties – heat reflecting, insulating, influences of moisture penetration
  • Lowers Thermal conductivity of building materials
  • Protects against adverse common defects caused by weathering influences
  • Super hydrophobic water repellency – self cleaning properties
  • Water vapour permeable – maintains complete breathability of building materials
  • UV stability – permanent

So, don´t waste your time and find the Energy efficient Painting that betters fix to your needs. Remember that the environment will thank you and you're being more green.


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