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Your doors have to do a lot, mostly exterior doors.  Basically, they need to prevent things you want to retain from escaping, and keep things that you don’t want out of your home, all while allowing you to come and go as you please, and since any door, specially a front entry door, is a major design element of a home, it must be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and efficient.

Your doors represent an invitation into your home, they’re part of the fabric of your house that you, your family and your visitors will encounter on a daily basis, so this is an area in need of your green attention.

So it´s very important to see first all the benefits of having energy efficient doors:

Modern doors make your home warmer and quieter. New doors use modern technology to ensure that your home is quieter, warmer and more comfortable. This is achieved by techniques such as glazing, draught-proofing, sealing and insulating the doors. When a door is closed, the anti-draught seals lock into place ensuring that everything is warm and cozy inside. Of course, the exact opposite effect is seen in hotter months when the internal coolness is protected. Special emissivity coatings, hybrid materials, insulating cores and other technologies make sure that internal temperatures are separated from the outside.

A different amazing feature of hybrid or vinyl doors is that they require very little maintenance on the part of the owner and remain fully functional for many years to come. The high quality materials used ensure that there is no threat of rusting, rotting or peeling. That means no painting. Just the occasional wash down with soap and water is enough to keep your doors looking new.

Energy efficient doors with modern reflective glass coatings act as a virtual sunscreen for your room and maintain stable internal temperatures. Infrared and ultra-violet light are greatly reduced, while visible light is left untouched. Also, new doors offer increased security, not only have better insulating properties, but the advanced materials and higher quality hardware make your home safer. All home thefts start with entrance through a window or door. Advanced hardware and locks form a tighter seal and make it more difficult for unwanted entry.

The most energy efficient doors are made of fiberglass or wood-clad steel, or painted steel, filled with a core of polyurethane foam.  These doors are typically sealed with a magnetic strip like that on a refrigerator and they need no further weather stripping if they are well-installed.  They are about five times as insulating as a wooden door.

You can also buy both interior and exterior fiberboard doors molded from up to 100% recycled wood fibers.  These products have greater insulating values than wood and are a good use of lumber mill waste products.  Some new wooden doors are also made from recycled lumber, often of woods no longer readily available.

And last but not least, seal doors for air leaks to prevent wasting precious home heating and cooling energy.  An average home loses up to 30% of its energy through air leads.  Most significant ones tend to occur around windows and doors.  Replacing old weather-stripping around windows and doors is an inexpensive and easy way to save energy.


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