Attic clean up and insulation

When you buy a new house, one area that many people never even look at is the attic, but many times if you did you would be surprised at the state of this very important part of your house. If you have critters in your attic, probably they have contaminated your insulation.

It is no surprise that most attics in the US today are under insulated, in fact, many new houses don´t have enough attic insulation, and the first step to making sure your attic insulation is doing a proper job is to perform an attic cleanup. Attic cleaning is an essential part of rodent removal and prevention.

Attic infestations means a large quantity fecal and urine waste. You need to be aware of the danger of coming into contact with Rodent waste you should be very cautious of. After the rodent removal is complete, your home will be in the best condition possible.

This can be very dangerous to live with as feces of many animals can cause diseases let alone the smell that can seep through your air ducts.   These pollutants can also seep into your air ducts thus contaminating the air everyone in the home breathes. These unhealthy conditions can remain long after the animals are gone and could actually attract other animals.

Be sure to contract an attic cleaning experts, licensed and insured in order to avoid all this problems. For example, it is recommendable to cleanup and removal of nuisance wildlife contaminant, fogging with disinfectant/deodorizer, full or partial removal of infected insulation and disposal of contaminated insulation.

It´s better to save yourself the trouble of cleaning up itchy fiber glass, let the expert take care of the mess.

Also, is very important that you follow this steps in order to have an orderly attic before a company do the Attic clean up and insulation: first, you should take out all boxes, furniture and any other items in your attic. Then the company will make the inspect insulation. Insulation should be at the same level of the floor joists in your attic: if the insulation is below that level, you need to add insulation.

Attic cleaning is key to a healthy, energy efficient and pest-free home a clean attic space is especially important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Professional attic cleaning services can help you remove dust and debris from your attic, while also giving you attic cleaning tips to keep your space free of clutter for years to come.

After you have thoroughly cleaned throughout your attic, put all of your items and boxes back. If you have not done so already, take the opportunity to dust and polish any applicable items in the attic.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your attic, you should take steps to seal your attic and prevent pests from entering, as well as keep away mold growth and limit irritants like dust from accumulating. Replace any shingles that blow off during storms to prevent moisture from entering, and check for leaks in your roof if you see any signs of moisture, such as brown or dark spots.


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