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If you are thinking of making some changes in your house here are some tips to take into account:

Space and furniture: it is one of the most prized features inside the house. When you think about remodeling make sure you have a balanced relationship between airspace, work space and floor.

Disposition and traffic: we always say that when planning a room it is important to think about what is going to be done within it and who will inhabit it. It is advisable to determine different workspaces, with adequate lighting conditions and tools at hand. Also, a tendency that has been affirming, to determine open places to generate spaces of socialization.

Efficiency: This is a trend a little more modern, but when it comes to planning for the future, it will become more important. New developments for kitchens involve products and materials that minimize energy and water consumption within the home. The kitchen, being one of the most inhabited and used spaces of the house, is also one of the most resources consumed (water, gas and electricity). A strong investment today can mean big savings in the future.

Planning for Home Remodeling

Here are some recommendations for using your layoffs in remodeling your home, without affecting your budget.

Also consider within the plan:

  • The style you want at home.
  • The spaces with which it counts for its execution.
  • The distribution of the items to be placed, such as: furniture, accessories and finishes.
  • The time it will take to complete your remodel.
  • The amount of staff you will need.
  • Preferably, carry out remodeling in which the same facilities can be used to avoid an extraordinary expense.
  • Then verify the elements you need to achieve a good job: accessories, painting, workers, architect, floors, tapestries, everything that involves remodeling; Decide what will be replaced, updated or added to the decoration, after this you can conclude the feasibility to make the modifications you want by comparing your budget.

Blueprints of your house

Analyze that the changes that are required do not damage the structure of the house, since this would involve a greater expense than planned, in addition, the execution time would extend. It is important to have blueprints of the house, both construction and electrical and water installations, as these will be very useful so that in case of applying for a masonry or plumbing job, avoid breaking pipes or constructing on a Bad structure which will cause excessive expenses; For that reason, it is essential to hire specialized personnel who respond for their work.

Smart houses

Currently, smart houses are acquiring greater demand, because of this people decide to remodel their space to make it more attractive and modern. Appliance manufacturers have developed some elements that simplify home life without the need for costly and elaborate installations.

This type of implementation is called home automation, this generates a saving in energy consumption, as it saves the operation of electrical appliances; Every day create new systems that serve to turn on or turn off the light, the oven, the coffee maker, you can also monitor the degree of cooking in which the food is left cooking and program the washing machine from wherever you are through your cell phone or A fixed telephone, this operates with a central computer that connects to the telephone to receive the orders and transmit them to the appliances.

If you want to renew all your furniture, we recommend that you purchase those that can be connected to the network, otherwise, the conventional ones are automated through domotic elements like some universal appliances, which are timed controls that allow to program the domestic appliances And other artifacts.

Most of these objects have sensors that detect gas leaks, fire or water leaks, so your home will be safe from any kind of accident. All remodeling is different, the main thing is to create a plan according to your concerns and budget so that based on these factors, look for the right elements at the lowest possible cost.


We create spaces through advice, support and guidance with the best standard of honesty, quality and professionalism, to discover together with our clients prior to the construction of any project wants, and that is what makes us be proud of each and one of our previous works.

Discovering what the client seeks for his home and work based on his ideas, perhaps is the most important: the feelings and sensations that can transmit the space we want to create. Since the same must be related to the function of the place, we give a contemporary look but also a touch of inspiration, make it unique by adding an air of distinction and originality to the project.


  • Gina Verba
    They are a very creative company because they really knew how to perfectly capture the idea of ​​what we wanted to do with our home. Intuitive, because with an idea that we gave them to know how to expand and transfer that idea to the work they have done creating a result that my whole family is very satisfied, the new design is totally in line with what we are looking for. An attractive and clean image in a functional design, comfortable and intuitive. All with a personalized attention thanks to which have been able to understand the needs of my family at home. They speak something and listen to the client and his brainstorm a lot. We are happy with Go Green Home Design because we consider them to be good professionals. Thank you very much!
    Gina Verba
  • Matt Dela Cruz
    Good afternoon! Thank you in advance for the opportunity provided by Go Green Home Design, it has been a very professional company since the beginning communicated with me attending my request for remodeling with professionalism, kindness, considering each of my needs and requirements; Giving me the necessary advice and solving every one of my doubts, everything has been within the agreed times and its work of excellence. Widely recommended. They exceeded the expectations of the project, efficient and are very aware of the details are too involved, there is always a prompt response to my doubts and few work teams achieve a global vision.
    Matt Dela Cruz

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